Installing solar control window films in your office, hotel or business premises is a cost effective way to reduce your energy usage for cooling therefore generating more profits and keeping in line with legislation for business energy usage.

Reducing energy costs and CO² emissions

If your building uses air conditioning you may not feel you have a need to control solar heat gain. However, the fact is fuel costs are spiraling and the excessive use of AC systems plays a significant part in climate change. It has become environmentally damaging and financially costly to allow the sun’s heat to enter a building, only then to be artificially cooled.

Optivision by SunGard is a high performance solar control film, specially manufactured to minimise the interior reflectivity.
Optivision is an advanced film that provides a more neutral internal view whilst still delivering the solar protection expected of a premium product.

We only use specialized architectural window films on residential and commercial buildings!

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In some cases the energy savings made can pay for film application in a few years. By reducing hot spots, solar heat-gain and maintaining natural light Ultra Vision™ makes the workplace a more pleasant and comfortable environment, which in turn has a positive effect on productivity.
Block the heat, reduce your energy requirement and let your staff enjoy the light…

Window Films for Retail

As well as high level solar protection, the Optivision range delivers fade and glare protection, with both a reflective and non-reflective range available, providing a finish for all tastes and requirements.

With low interior reflectivity, Optivision is the perfect film for your customers who want optimal night time views while also enjoying the benefits of daytime heat reduction and sun protection. Optivision is available in five shades – 5%, 15% 25%, 35% and 45%